David Cawood

David Cawood David Cawood, Ph.D., MBA, B.A., CMC.

For the past decade, David has taught The Secret Sabbatical Course in one-on-one sessions with professionals and business executives, with powerful results. Now he shares the life-changing skills, tools and inspiration of this course in his new book, The Secret Sabbatical.

His practice involves three distinct but related fields—organizations, the humanities, and applied science.

Organizations. David worked as a manager, then head office executive, before completing an MBA and Ph.D. and serving on the faculty of a business school.

He was a founding member of the first North American Strategic Consulting Group with what is now Deloitte. After a few years, he built an international consulting company, described as the most consistently successful strategic consultancy on the West Coast. This involved several decades of work with very large firms such as HP, De Beers and Deloitte. Clients include a wide range of organizations, from engineering, health care, and infrastructure, to education and research. In addition to the main consulting work, he designed and then handed over executive development workshops for universities and in-house colleges in several countries.

The humanities. The humanities have historically recognized the power of the human imagination and offered successful examples of paths to needed change. David has kept this track of interest alive in his practice by following those who keep evolving the great traditions of the humanities through film, novels and other media. Over the years he’s offered ongoing workshops with Continuing Studies adult audiences, Jung Societies and other forums that have relevance to current personal and organizational dilemmas.

Applied science. As an Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Leadership in Applied Science at the University of British Columbia David has taken a keen interest in that key intersecting realm of applied science. But his university and in-house college work can offer only a few ideas from this book, as this material is for readers willing to go on a far-ranging interdisciplinary journey—beyond any single faculty.

He lives on a creek in West Vancouver with his wife, the artist Alexis Cawood.

He can be contacted at: mail at cawoodconsulting.com or at 604.926.6163 ext. 1.

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