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Pathfinder cover final 2015 final reduced 2“The imagination is not a faculty for the creation of illusion, it is the faculty by which alone we apprehend reality.”

The above quote is an example of the kind of startling ideas that appear throughout The Secret Sabbatical. The full meaning of such “out of the box” observations and how they ultimately impact one’s own life—your life, and my own—was one of the central driving forces in writing this book.

My book  is a unique path to self-discovery. It’s a guide to recover your imagination and discover your destiny. I believe it will help you re-frame important questions and direct you to that so far only vaguely-imagined future. It will help you get to where you want to go.

This work is based on the proven workshop, The Secret Sabbatical Course, which combines the best of the humanities, science, and leadership skills. It provides a new approach to self-discovery to create meaningful and lasting change.

A driving theme of the book, and the Course, is that we need to use our imaginations to frame the next stages of our life. But what does this mean exactly, and how do we go about doing this, especially as the imagination is under serious attack? We need to work on its recovery, to re-animate this extraordinary gift that’s been given to us all. And so, in my book, I set out to discover how to re-possess and use this astonishing gift effectively in our own lives and in the world.

Having completed The Secret Sabbatical Course the co-founder and former CEO of the world’s biggest mobile video security company summed up his experience in the following way: “This material profoundly changed my approach to my career and my life. It’s the perfect book for anyone asking: ‘What should I do with the rest of my life?’

This question: What should I do with the rest of my life? is probably the most important question each of us can ask, especially if we are to fulfill our potential and live our destiny. However, to discover how to respond to it, we each need to do more than the usual filling out of the same old dumbed-down questionnaires and stop paying attention to unproductive and cliched catch phrases.

We need models of what to do. To find your unique role in the years ahead The Secret Sabbatical provides the best guides ever and examples of those who’ve been successful.

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The best mentors will guide and motivate you as you page through this engaging book. Great movies and novels, as well as Rumi, Shakespeare, Joseph Campbell, Jill Bolte Taylor, Cesar Millan, Marcus Aurelius, and others, will provide encouragement. Borrowing from compelling modern movies, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt enthusiastically bring guiding characters to life.

The material in my book is presented in a clear sequence. In only weeks you’ll access, in attainable steps, the skills, tools, and vital inspiration you seek.

You’ll learn that lasting change goes beyond a surface personal brand and realize you need more than simplistic lists and mottos.

In The Secret Sabbatical you’ll go on adventures and thought experiments, and practice new ways of discovering your best options. You’ll find what you’re looking for, and become who you’re meant to be. You will recover your imagination and fulfill your potential to live your destiny, while enjoying and creatively responding to the challenges of today and tomorrow.



  • A classic framing story opens the book. It’s theme runs throughout the pages of the book and provides a guiding pattern to your own journey.
  • This story is about encountering major setbacks or what I’ve called “the crunch” and is a way of seeing the past in a new perspective. Or, put another way, a means of re-imagining your own future.
  • To frame your next phase of life you need to apply your imagination. But, what IS the imagination, anyway?
  • Why is the imagination in decline? I list symptoms and causes. The imagination is under sophisticated attack and the question is: what can each of us do about it?
  • The story introduces layers of awareness, which leads us to another question: why are some of us stuck? These layers link to a model that precedes Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs and adds essential dimensions. The key is finding a place to begin to recover our own imaginations and uncover our next steps.
  • There are powerful guides throughout the pages of this book to help you on your journey. Some inspiring examples come from popular movies and plays.
  • Three of the core guides are from diverse backgrounds–a popular TV personality, a Roman Emperor, and a modern brain scientist. These profoundly gifted mentors will help you to fully experience your journey.
  • We meet a blind navigator, another fascinating guide who teaches us to read seemingly invisible yet vital  interconnected signals. With his creative insights we come to realize that our own navigation skills need honing. To access more and richer dimensions we follow his lead and learn we’re truly capable of finding our way. We realize one dimensional thinking has been part of the problem.
  • The book uncovers the difference between the role of fate and destiny and reveals the central role of values in creating and securing our future.
  • Change begins at home! We learn or are reminded that true change begins within oneself. As well, we’ll come to realize why scale is not important, at least not at the outset of our projects.
  • I’ve included a Postscript of major studies that support the arguments presented in The Secret Sabbatical, followed by some ideas on giving back.

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