The Secret Sabbatical

The Secret Sabbatical


Passed the 6,000 mark (May 2016) in terms of tailored workbooks and sessions based on selected chapters. Used by trainers in a global multinational on (1) a richer model of motivation and (2) framing your own key questions in life. 

Ranked #1 on Best Sellers on Feb 24, 2016 under “Transformational.” Ranked #2 in “Retirement Planning.”

This is the Book with the secrets of The Secret Sabbatical. Up to now this material was only available in one-on-one Course sessions for those asking “What Should I Do With the Rest of my Life?”

Developed over 10 years the Course has been fine-tuned for executives, surgeons, architects, research scientists and other professionals. Now you can read the notes from that Course, which are arranged in a clear sequence that covers how to find your own answer in the needed depth.


Paperback: $16.95 Plus Shipping

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Ebooks: $7.99

Ebook available too!

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