The Course

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“Enlarging the canvas of your imagination…”


The Secret Sabbatical Course combines the best of the humanities, science, and leadership skills. It provides a new approach to self-discovery in order to create meaningful and lasting change.

The Course began over 10 years ago and was originally tailored to the specific needs of particular professionals as they considered their next life steps. Some were changing their roles in their organizations and others were contemplating retirement or a change of focus. All of them valued the opportunity of discussing their priorities and gaining insights from the experiences of others who had enriched their imaginations while gaining better decision making skills.

Over time a common core of material developed that forms the basis of the current book, which will be updated in the blog and with other editions and articles.

Upcoming Courses

The Sabbatical Retreat_edited-2

A favorite location for one-on-one meetings

This year’s Courses are in-house and are currently closed as they are filled. They are taking place in Pasadena, Hawaii and Vancouver, Canada, and on a private cruise ship. Some are directed to groups such as the C.G. Jung Society, specific Think Tanks and to non-dogma based groups such as the Unitarians. Some are on a one-on-one basis as described in the Preface, and others are group based.

Some informal comments on video from David

Video of new workshop extracts have been posted after a series on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. These are short unscripted clips from answers to specific questions. Please see the page on this site called “Selected Video Clips”.

Tailored to your group and time frames

If there is sufficient demand from a reading group or other organization we can happily tailor workshops and presentations for any size group, including larger audiences.

Please contact: David Cawood

The “at” word in the address below helps deflect trollers and should be substituted with the usual form of “at” used in e-mails, please. No spaces.

mail at

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